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Ariana Huggett

Visual Artist


For a number of years I have been seeking out spaces to paint as my subject matter. I’m interested in capturing the character of a place by exploring its physical qualities and how it is shaped by its inhabitants. A space has a presence by virtue of materials, design, and organization. People occupy a space and fill it with things for a variety of reasons, including utility and display. Time and environment are also factors.

When painting from life, I’m able to fully embed in my surroundings, and by being present I gain a more nuanced understanding of my subject. Because I’m always on the lookout for diverse and interesting spaces, the undertaking of commissions is a natural outgrowth to what I do. I approach commissions the same way that I approach all my paintings, by looking for compositions that bring together the elements that create this sense of character.

The commissioner receives a memento of a particular time in the life of a place.

Prices by size

Paintings are oil on wood panels and sizes range from 6” x 8” to 16” x 20” and can cost from $550 to $1000 (custom sizes and supports are available). Larger sizes cost more.

Paintings made on-site are preferred, but not required. My on-site process usually takes 5 days with 4-5 hours per sitting, depending on the size of the painting. I have a French easel and drop cloths. The first day is spent sketching and taking photos. The next four days are spent painting, and typically a work week is enough for me to complete the painting. It’s nice if the work days are consecutive, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

Framing available at an additional charge.

Commissioned Works